Health Care Service Mall in each block head quarters in each districts!!!!

In Odisha, 9.6 million persons categorized as Scheduled Tribe (ST) which constitute about percent of the total population of the State as per Census 2011. In terms of tribal Odisha ranks third in the country (next to Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra) and for 9 percent of the total tribal population of India. This population, often as most disadvantaged and vulnerable and way behind from the mainstream development process as compared to the rest of the population. They are also lagging in terms of both human development and social-economic indicators. The and plan designed for the general population is hardly benefiting in improving the of this vulnerable population. Awareness of the Schedule Tribe (ST) communities the benefits and schemes is poor for various reasons influencing demand and negatively. The tribal population in Odisha spreads across 30 districts with high imbalance and diversity. Acute regional inequality and disproportion of development widespread unemployment and poverty further aggravate their vulnerability.
Odisha is a state with the typical demographic scenario and as all, we know there is lack of available and affordable health services for the people. The buying power of people for both education and quality health services has already been increased to quite some extent. Why can't we think of a Healthcare services mall to be established with the support of private partners, who are running their business in cities? If all the private healthcare institutions will open their service centres under one umbrella, the rural people will get quality health care services in one go as they are getting other products from Big Bazar and so...


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